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Agriculture for an honorable and high-minded man, is the best of all occupations or arts by which men procure the means of living.



Since 1991 the Picture Butte Feeder Cooperative has been providing a cost effective alternative to cattle producers wishing to finance the backgrounding and finishing of animals in Southern Alberta. 


The PBFC is based in the heart of “Feedlot Alley” which is the fifth largest cattle feeding area in North America. 

The PBFC is governed by local producers from our community to provide a highly competitive quality financing alternative to our membership. 


To provide a quality competitive financial alternative to our membership that will facilitate the ethically responsible production of sustainable, safe, high quality beef utilizing new trends and technologies in pursuit of this undertaking


Our Feeder Cooperative is made up of a group of producers who have combined resources in conjunction with the Government of Alberta and the Bank of Montreal to provide a cost effective  means of financing cattle that may not be available to producers when acting individually.  This expresses itself in the amount of security required to achieve financing and the competitive interest rates that can be made available on such loans.  Our Feeder Cooperative provides financing to all sizes of operations including those new to the Industry.

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